Chatable FAQ's

Frequently Asked Question

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How do I purchase a monthly subscription?

A monthly subscription can be acquired through your app store or through our website after you create an account.

Where do I cancel my subscription?

There are two ways to cancel your subscription: 1) If you bought the subscription on the app just go into your app and then choose your profile image and click the cancel payment button. 2)If the subscription was purchased through the website you can go to your account on the website choose billing and cancel the subscription.

Where can I find my transcriptions?

Your transcriptions can be found on the main page of the app

What type of plans do you have available?

Currently you are able to by transcription minutes at a fixed price. You can buy 1hour, 5hours or 10hours at this moment

Are there student discounts

Currently there are no discounts available but stay connected to our social media accounts for future discounts

My balance isn't updating?

Please first close your app and reopen, if this does not update your balance. Please contact support through the app or our email:

What can I use ChatAble for?

Chatable turns any of your conversations into transcribed text in real-time (yes you don't have to wait for transcription). You can take meeting minutes or lecture notes with ease and everything is saved in your phone and on our secure servers

Can I use ChtaAble on multiple devices?

Yes, chatable stores all your transcriptions on a secure server, making it possible for you to access your transcriptions on any device by just logging into your account.

Why does the payment from give a zar value?

We use Paystack one of africa's most secure payment gateways, we accept payments internationally but the value of the purchase will be shown in zar(South Africa's national currency).

Does chatable support any other languages?

We are actively working on new language models as well as improving the current models. Feel free to make a feature request inside the app (find this in your profile settings)

My transcript is stuck processing?

Please make sure you have an internet connection, because you need n connection to the the speech-to-text AI

My transcript is not uploading?

Please make sure you have an internet connection and then tap the retry button. If this does not work please contact us at

Does my 1 hour transcriptions package expire?

No, you always have access till your 1 hour is used up

Will chatable use my mobile data?

Chatable requires an internet connection, if you do not have an unlimited data plan you can go into setting and toggle stream on wifi only

What languages are supported?

We only support English at this moment but stay tuned for more

Which devices are supported?

All devices with an internet connection should work

How can I change my email or password?

You can change your password on the login screen (logout first)

How long can I record for?

You can record till your minutes are done

How can I report a problem

please send an email to or go to the app and report a bug

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