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How to get started with Writtan

Written on April 25, 2022 by Writtan.

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Speech to text technology is an amazing tool that can be used by businesses to improve productivity and efficiency. This type of technology can be used to transcribe meetings, dictate emails, and even create documents. By using speech to text technology, businesses can save time and money while also improving communication. Today we'll demonstrate how you can use the Writtan app to transcribe your conversation and audio recordings.

Getting Started

First you can head over to the IOS or Android to download the app and sign up for a free account.

Creating your first transcription

After signing up you can create your first transcription by pressing the blue + icon on the bottom of the screen.

Your now ready to make your first transcription, press the record button, wait for a server connection to be established, and then start speaking.

After you have finished speaking, press the stop button. You just made your first transcription congratualations!

Working with your transcription

Creating a transcription isn't where it stops with writtan. Here's some of the things you can do with your transcription.

Editing your transcription

Editing your transcription is easy with writtan. You can edit the transcription on your mobile device and it gets saved automatically.

You can also export your transcription to a word, google-docs or pdf file for further editing.

Audio Recording

Audio Recording and Higlighting

Writtan not only transcribes your conversations it also records them!

Your audio recordings are saved on your mobile device and can be played back anytime.

You'll notice that your transcription has timestamps that correspond to the time you were speaking, while the audio recording is playing the words being spoken are highlighted.

Advance search options

You are able to quickly search through your transcriptions by typing in the search bar.


You can group your transcriptions into folders and then access them from the folder menu on the bottom left of your screen.

Sharing your transcriptions

As we mentioned earlier you can share your transcriptions with your friends and colleagues any time. You'll be able to share it through any of the social messaging apps on your phone and through email.

What to expect in the future

  • Support for more languages
  • Improved transcription accuray
  • A web platform for transcription
  • Ability to invite co-workers to see and edit the transcription


We here at writtan believe that speech to text technology can be used to improve communication and productivity. We hope that writtan can make this technology more accessible to everyone.

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